5 Natural Disaster Preparation Tips For Pet Owners

5 Natural Disaster Preparation Tips For Pet Owners

More now than ever, natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and floods are more prevalent than ever before. According to Fema, as many as 60% of Americans are not prepared for their own safety, so it is highly likely that many more are forgetting pets. If you have yet to build a natural disaster kit for your pet, here are seven things you should include.

1. Write A List Of Disaster Relief Instructions For Your Pets


During times of high stress, much can and will be forgotten. Add into the mix your spouse, kids, and even grandparents, it can go from disaster to catastrophe in no time at all. Take a few minutes to write out your pet’s needs so that you will have a clear idea of what you need to gather so that your pet is fully prepared for any weather-related event.

 2.  Make An On-The-Go Pet Travel Kit

 Just as you probably have a backpack with your important personal identification and financial records, your pets need the same type of kit that includes records and supplies. You should provide at a minimum of five days of supplies as a safety precaution.

 3. Include A Kennel Or Bedding

 While you probably think you will have plenty of time to gather items during an emergency, the truth is that you will not as many catastrophes occur when people are least prepared. Take the time to either have your kennel in a handy place like your car or add pet bedding to your kit so that your pet remains as calm and comfortable as possible.

 4.  Identify And Make A List Of Pet-Friendly Shelter Or Hotel Locations

 In the past, many shelters refused to accept animals which left pet owners with no safe place to go during natural disasters. It will save you a lot of time if you locate ahead of time the shelters that accept pets as well as any secondary hotels you will be safe.

  • To Find Pet-Friendly Shelters, Visit The Red Cross Here.
  • For Pet-Friendly Hotels, Visit bringfido.com

 If you find that there are no options in your area, you may want to decide ahead of time if family or friends will be able to house your pets in cases where there is a loss of housing.

 5.  Get A Rescue Decal For Emergency Response Workers

 If you are ever in a situation where you are forced to leave before locating your animals, leave a rescue decal on your door that advises EMS that your pets need help. You can also advise instructions when your pets are found so that you ensure a reunion occurs.

 Your pets are more than just your furry friends. They are family. Preparing for them will ensure that you receive just as much of a benefit as they do when you know they are safe and secure.



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