Hot Spots And Pets: What You Can Do To Help Your Furry Loved One

Hot Spots And Pets: What You Can Do To Help Your Furry Loved One

As humans, we know that scratching an itch is not a big deal as long as we don’t do it incessantly. Too bad our poor pups do not share that same knowledge. Even worse for many animals is that not knowing when to stop scratching can lead to many issues down the line. One very uncomfortable issue is acute dermatitis which is also known as hot spots.

What Is A Hot Spot?

Even though you may not have ever heard of the term ‘hot spot’ when it comes to your dog, you probably have at least experienced it. A hot spot is a reddened patch of moist skin that develops due to a dog or cat continually licking, biting, and scratching the skin until inflamed and irritated. They grow at extreme rates in a short amount of time. Animals scratch until they break the skin which has the potential to lead to all kinds of dangerous infections.

What Are Possible Causes?

There are many causes of hot spots that range from stress, allergies, parasites, and eczema.

  • Has your pet recently been bitten by insects and now has a skin infection?
  • Does your pet have dermatitis from flea bites?
  • Does your animal have matted hair that is causing acute dermatitis?
  • Has your pet come into contact with environmental allergens like mold or pollens?
  • Has your dog ingested food that he or she is allergic to?
  • Does your pet have sore or achy knees or hips that he or she is chewing or licking?
  • Do your furry friends get upset or suffer emotionally?

What are the treatments?

After a thorough examination by your veterinarian to find the root cause of the hot spot, treatment can begin. This is usually the most important step as it finds the underlying cause and determines the needed steps to prevent future incidents. An important component, as with any illness, is a complete and healthy diet. Your pet needs balanced nutrients to heal properly.

The vet will usually then shave around the infected area to sterilize and allow the area to breathe. This also allows for the application of any medications needed to treat the infection which Chlorhexidine 2% Ketoconazole 1% antiseptic wipes and medicated shampoo will help to heal. Most pets will also be prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to assist since dermatitis can be very painful and irritating. It is also common to acquire other products to help prevent further issues.

How can I protect my pet?

  • Take notice of any irregular scratching from your dog.
  • Schedule regular grooming, especially for pets with long
  • Schedule an exam with a vet as soon as you notice any abnormal patches on the skin.
  • Use secondary products like Ample Nutrition to prevent dermatitis from occurring.

A walk around the block, a trip to the doggy park, or even just quality human time can improve the lives of our doggy best friends. To add to this value, our experts at Ample Nutrition structure our products for full pet body wellness and prevention from the primary causes of hot spots.


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