Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

If you have noticed that your furry family friend is eating grass, you should not worry too much as dogs tend to eat what is available. As they are neither carnivores or omnivores, they look for nutritious foods including grass. Most people, however, want to know if it makes their dogs sick or if there is a vitamin deficiency. It can also be worrisome when a dog throws up afterward. It is a lot more common than dog-owners think, but here is a bit more about why they eat greenery.

There are 57,400,000 Opinions! Oh, My!

If you Google, “Why do dogs eat grass,” you will receive about 57,400,000 hits in a half of a second. Most dog owners do not have the time nor the patience to open every one of those links to figure it out. There are several good possibilities that stand out and offers explanations as to why dogs prefer to eat grass and other greenery. However, nothing is set in stone which is why there is never a definitive answer as to exactly why they prefer to eat grass rather than their food.

  • They Suffer From Pica

 Based on research by National Institute of Health, Pica is an eating disorder that both humans and animals suffer from the craving and eating of things that are not food including earth like dirt or clay, raw starches, and ice. In fact, the NIH further felt it necessary to evaluate the link between Pica and the risk of anemia, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and plasma zinc. How common is Pica? While it is estimated that about 20% of humans suffer from it, there is little data on how many dogs receive a proper diagnosis.

  • They Eat Grass To Make Them Throw Up After An Upset Stomach

 According to an article in Psychology Today, a veterinarian wrote that he learned in vet school that dogs tend to eat grass when their stomachs are irritated which makes them throw up afterward. This theory has led to a debate: do they throw up because it makes them sick, or do they vomit to find relief from their upset stomachs?

  • They Love The Taste Of It

 It sounds strange, but just like humans love a green smoothie packed full of grass and plants, so too do dogs. It is not a stretch to think that they just like the taste of it. If your dog is not throwing up which is a response from a fourth of the dogs that eat grass, do not react so stressfully when you see your pet chowing down in your front lawn or garden. Just be mindful of dangerous plants or chemically treated grass for your pet’s sake. 

  • They Need Nutrition That Their Food Does Not Provide

Not all dog food is healthy nor meets the daily needs of dogs. When a nutrition deficiency occurs, dogs look for other sources which are why grass and plants make for a handy substitute. The alternatives are an upset stomach, malnutrition, and health issues.

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