Documented Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Documented Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Does owning a pet have health benefits? For nearly three decades, researchers have been fascinated by the relationship that exists between pets and their owners. While a bond cannot be denied, there is also a lot of attention in the medical and scientific communities about the health benefits that also exist. Here are a few short and long-term benefits of owning a pet.

  • Pets Reduce Loneliness

A recent study found that loneliness affects about half of Americans. Elderly and youth have higher risks of feeling alienated by society. Not only does a pet make people feel less lonely, but they provide comfort that is otherwise missing with human contact.

  • Families See Pets As Family

What is better than coming home to a loving family? For many people, that includes husbands, wives, children, and a few grandparents, too. According to the National Pet Owner’s Survey, 85 million American families also include a pet among their loved ones which creates a lasting, familial bond that is undeniable.

  • Pets Provide Companionship

Studies have proven that some patients and aged individuals find a great deal of support from their furry companions. While companionship is without a doubt a benefit, the access to animal friendships also reduces anxiety and depression while increasing your social interaction level and overall mood towards those around you.

  • Pets Increase Daily Activity And Fitness Levels

Experts agree that pet owners generally get about thirty minutes to two hours more exercise than people who do not have animals to care for. Without proper daily exercise, dogs become bored as well as unhealthy which affects their minds, behaviors, muscles, immunity, digestion, and metabolic processes. Taking your dog out for walks is a must which also improves a pet owner’s health. If you want to shed a few pounds or build up those muscles, buying a pet is also a good way to increase your daily fitness level.

  • Healthy Body And Fitness Levels

Did you know that owning a pet decreases your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease risk, and triglyceride level? When you reduce stress levels, it affects your blood pressure and heart rate. There are also just as many psychological benefits as there are physical ones. Pets increase the production of dopamine which triggers nerve transmitters that increase your mood and promote a calming effect on your mind and body.

  • Dogs Serve Critical Roles For Treatment As Support Animals

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious issue that affects Americans in their daily lives. Not only does it affect people who are victims of traumas, but it is a leading cause of mental health issues like our servicemen and women suffer. There is much evidence to support the use of animals to treat PTSD anxiety disorders. Not only can animals sense changes in behavioral patterns, but it provides the nurturing support needed to overcome symptoms like numbness, nightmares, and flashbacks.

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