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Halloween: Chocolate Toxicity

Halloween: Chocolate Toxicity 0

Halloween is just around the corner which means there will be an abundance of trick-or-treaters combing the neighborhood for candy corns and chocolatey treats. Do you know who else is sneaking around for treats? Your pets as they have no idea that chocolate is toxic. Here are important tips that you want to know to avoid chocolate toxicity during this Halloween season.
Benefits of Enzymes

Benefits of Enzymes 0

Did you know that digestive enzymes are critical to the health of your pet because they aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, immunity, skin and coat health, and joint inflammation prevention? If your dog is displaying less than optimal energy, enzymes may be just what your furry family friends need to give them a natural solution to common pet health issues.

Where Do Pets G...

Documented Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Documented Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet 0

Does owning a pet have health benefits? For nearly three decades, researchers have been fascinated by the relationship that exists between pets and their owners. While a bond cannot be denied, there is also a lot of attention in the medical and scientific communities about the health benefits that also exist. Here are a few short and long-term benefits of owning a pe...
Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? 0

If you have noticed that your furry family friend is eating grass, you should not worry too much as dogs tend to eat what is available. As they are neither carnivores or omnivores, they look for nutritious foods including grass. Most people, however, want to know if it makes their dogs sick or if there is a vitamin deficiency. It can also be worrisome when a dog throws up afterward. It is a ...